The Paradise 


I found it when I still was very young. Not many people have this fortune, some of them spend their entire life to search for it. I remember that when I was there with my dad I could get a glimpse of it from the beach. I don't know why I could notice it only when the two of us where there. But I've never told him. We usually went there around noon, the whole family. Dad, mum, my elder brothers Roberto and Gabriele and I. Mum always used to bring some panini and she made me eat one just after my first bath. Indeed I was very skinny when I was little. Around five we used to go back home, every single day. Sometimes my dad and I stayed there instead for an hour more and we would have a bath together and he made me plunge. It was the best moment of the day. However, there was this place that, maybe due to the sun, I could only see when I was alone with him, after five. When I had the permission to go out by myself, and to explore the beach and its surroundings, I obviously went there. There it was. It was immersed in a thicket, in which nobody never dared to go. There was like a small private beach, just in front of the immense sea. And a well. It was old and tumbledown, but there still was some water in it. I used to go there often. Especially when I started to read a lot, I used to go there very often, almost every day. You know, Paradise is something that you won't find, at least not as you imagine it, or in any case you won't be aware of it. There are things that we can't perceive. But it exists something, someone, a place or a book, an object, on this Earth, that is your Paradise. If it's personal of shared, it doesn't matter. And people can't always find it, it's not easy to find. It's becoming more and more difficult. But maybe it exists and it's here, now. I had the fortune to find it when I was only fourteen. It took away everything else from me, but I'm happy. Not everybody finds his own Paradise, but in case you would find it, and it won't swallow you, as some Paradise can be ambiguous, difficult, contradictory. Even I started to hate mine at some point, but I've learned this and I'm glad. I was saying, in case you would find your Paradise, fight with all your energies, and don't let the memory take it away from you, or even worse somebody, neither the will of letting things go, or the curiosity of looking at the end of that will. Your Paradise is there for you, and you are in this world, to find it and to be immersed in its beauty. I hope you can find your Paradise, too. Goodbye.

With Love,


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