The Fogs

She breathed in the fresh air- cold air- to be honest. It tickled her face. She saw the clouds on the horizon, black, heavy and rolling rapidly towards the cliff. She checked herself, gripping the icy railing. A chill went down her spine. She couldn’t help smiling. She closed her eyes while the wind caressed her cheeks. The approaching storm, the waves of the sea tossed by the storm winds, the fog that rose up slowly, surrounding first her feet and then her calves…there was every reason to believe it was time to go home, to sit on the sofa, to watch a film. However she was so relaxed that she felt no wish to leave. In fact, all the sea spray that fell onto her face as every waved crashed against the cliff made her sigh and smile. At the touch of cold water she felt alert, renewed. She removed her right hand from the railing and walked slowly, lightly, almost as if dancing, back and forth, in front of an infinity that loomed dark and threatening.

The fog and the darkness came together ever more until they formed an endless darkness on the horizon. It seemed as if there was nothing above her head except a dark, thick blanket of fog. No sun, no day behind the coming night. Still, she didn’t care, and while her feet, enclosed in heavy shoes, continued in their slow rhythm on the tiles, her fingers gripped the hollow metal of the railing- that music was the only sound to keep her company in that first vacant afternoon. That tapping joined the sound made by the waves and the only sign of her presence was her freezing skin set against the blackness of the world around her. 

Maybe she didn’t notice the approaching end, the hope that would be swallowed by a movement, the day that would never come. While the first raindrops wet her face, she couldn’t help smiling as she ran her hands across the railing and felt the cold on her skin. Her quick thin legs jumped over the cold and her naked thighs shivered slightly.

What a feeling those last few moments were.

One step, then another, and yet another.

With the wind in her hair, her hands open towards the unknown, the jumped into the void.    

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