Versione Italiana

di Klizia Raciti Longo

Illustration by: Fernando Riva Pena



LK6 lived in a city with dark sky, like a shoeboxwith siled lid. The hours were all the same there and the big clock tower ticking defined days.
From a window just bigger than a hand palm, LK6 gazed at the citythat seemed a big multicolour led hive. But at the same time heconsidered that no light could be bright enough for his dreams; neither the light bulb in his chest.
Actually, LK6 was a little golden robot with a bulb instead of a heart, a light bulb as bright as a durable flame. That is, he was aware it was a manufacturing defect: he should have been a mathematician but with that bulb he couldn’t make it out counting, the only thing he did well was dreaming. That’s why he was rapidly left behind in the bottom of a boxroom.
Yet, he dreamt the sun.
Hewondered whether the sun was a dreamer too and whether it dreamed much more strongly because of all that light. Heaven knows how big it dreams, he used to think.
No one had seen that sparkling sphere for a long time; in the sky just smog and choleric clouds. In LK6’s city, light was entrusted to leds and little light bulbs. It was then that he decided to run away from its room, to chase his idea of light. His light. Outside the sky was, as always, a large rug of impenetrable black velvet. He went beyond the walls of the black city, without really knowing where he would find the sun. He had wandered for days through the dark sanded heaths and hope had almost abandoned him, when he discerned a sparkle.
- Is that you, Sun?- shouted out LK6.
The little light replied with feeble voice: - No, not at all-.
Getting closer he saw an old red torch coughing badly. As soon as LK6 reached her, she added that her explorer child had left her to become an accountant. Yet she still awaited, maybe one day he would come back and they would travel the world. –I’m confident- she said.
LK6 watched that light ghost half buried in the sand. Just the shell of an ancient brightness remained. And while observing her, he had an idea.
For the rest of the night LK6 and the red torch walked down the city looking for other lights, victims of broken dreams, left behind by someone: the little headlight of a fallen airplane stuck on the tram cables, the little scuba-light belonging to someone who forgot the sea in the bottom of a fountain, a candle fragment and all its gone love letters.
LK6 climbed, swam, dug, went up and downstairs; looked high up and down, right and left, and the more he searched, the more lights increased. In the desert darkness beyond the city that little robot and his bright fragments slowly became a hope.
When he considered he had gathered enough lights he began thinking how to realize his idea: all those light fragments should combine. There the sun, he thought. Then he chose the clock tower standing out against the whole city. After one thousand five hundred two steps –or maybe one thousand three hundred three: he just couldn’t count- he reached the top. He spent the following hour sewing up all those fragments with his hair copper wires.
Once he finished, even if lights were carefully stitched, they did not shine like the sun.
He meditated for a while, he considered his forgotten-dreamer-robot life wouldn’t have been worth unless he saw that light he dreamed of for so long.
Maybe he had been created for that reason, he thought. He unscrewed the light bulb from his chest and put it in the middle of all those coloured fragments hanging from the tower cornice. All of a sudden light blew up through the dark clouds. With great effort LK6 threw the light as high as possible and sapphire and cobalt strips began to open in the sky. Stuck high in the sky, the light sparkled.
Exhausted and defenceless on the floor, LK6 gazed his sun.
Then LK6 slowly faded.


Klizia Raciti Longo

translated by Amparo Guerrero Gerbolés