Ÿ- Nonguardarlo

A group of young and talented video makers who also created the magazine nonguardarlo contained in Centonove, which is weekly distributed in all Sicilian news-stands, where each month you will also find a column written by us of Sundays Storytelling. More than a friendship, a idyll.

Lahar Magazine

A monthly magazine of fiction, non-fiction and anything else with whom we exchange strong admiration and beyond.

- Tino Caspanello

One of the most influential and interesting Sicilians playwrights and for the peninsula itself too, with publications and representations in France, where he managed to bring his art. He wrote for us The Snake with much enthusiasm. Trusted friend and concrete example.

- Innovation Can Obert (INCO)

It is an event that has something magical. This association is responsible for organizing gatherings art scattered across Europe. We are in synchronicity.

Sur Music

An acoustic band, which takes us a long time with their creations, really in line with our moos. Soon we'll let you all hear.

Mene Gravidica

Martino brothers form an invincible duo of technical creativity and visual illusion, we intend to work with them and with many other artists, to beautify our spaces and fill their images.

Martha Micali on Flickr

Here you will find all photos by Martha Micali, one of the creators of the project and Photograph Manager.

- Gloria Di Bella on Flickr

Here you will find all photos by Gloria Di Bella, one of the Photo Supervisor of our team.

- Lucia Foti on Flickr

Lucia Foti's photographic space, where she publish most of her photos and creations.

Andrea Cafarella on Wordpress

The blog where you will find the unpublished writings by Andrea Cafarella, another of the founders od Sundays Storytelling and storyteller himself too.


Università degli Studi di Messina

The University of Messina, hometown to many staff members, in which some have pursued graduate studies, at the first event organized by us (Sundays Storytelling Days) decided to sponsor the project, helping us in an active and hopefully constant way, joining the other institutions.