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Look at him, he is shivering again. No, not the man on his knees. 

I have never understood what you fear. I have heard about death since the very beginning. What is it? What scares you? If what I have heard from many of you is true, if the soul does not exist, then death is just transition, change, transformation.  Don’t you find it wonderful? 

It is transformation. The ability of changing shape, becoming. It seems so exciting. You are so intrinsically attached to life that you persevere in spreading death. Don’t you find it ridiculous? And then there is always that feeling in your eyes. This fear, that almost moves me. Almost. 

Do not worry, I will not be the one to decide. I am eternal, I do not transform. I do not fear the time going by and I do not have a soul. I do not have control over myself. I am a slave, object of your souls’ emotional outbursts. Anger; this is what you often say moves you. Shaken by a blind rage, you reach out to me with all your might.  Some used me in the name of love, when it was only jealousy. Some, deprived of their free will, with dimmed eyes, hid behind a blood-stained flag. Some others, still believing in the disgusting moral of your century, used me to kill for the money. 

In recent years, I have learnt a lot just by observing you. And I do not think that you deal with me with... hang on, I cannot think of the word. Well, you use it so little, after all.

Oh yes.

Reasoning, rational thinking.

You are not led by rational thinking when you ask my help, it is more madness, blind rage. However, deep inside, I have always perceived the terror you experience. Right before shooting, you are pervaded by fear, this reaches my cold metal and it is the fear itself that pulls the trigger. It is fear, cold sweat, black shivers. The eyes behind the stock, those sharp, shiny eyes which travel through my whole body to the gunsight, these are the ones that strike me most. It is your fear that shoots, not you. I wonder who is the slave between us, objects with no will, and you, servants of multiple feelings.

I was forced into actions which I could regret, if I only was able to do so. Not that I have feelings, I have already told you. I am soulless, fearless.  Killing has always been part of your nature, I am just an evolved club. I do not understand why I am feared more than any other tools.

What has changed? You are just more refined. I can allow you to shoot from a distance, far from the victim’s breath, so to escape from their contracted face, their perspired forehead, so that you do not get blood on your hands. But above all the eyes, you do not have to stare into their eyes. You just pretend they do not exist.  Beasts are braver than you. You are just scared.  

And you are so indifferent to these words that they do not even muffle the noise of this gunshot.