To hang our own anxieties to the coat hook before going to sleep

Lorenzo has always been different, one of those who hang his own anxieties to the coat hook before going to sleep and they always forget them before leaving.  He listens to Battisti with his walkman and he walks for hours, alone. He’s not very good at school but, at the end, he would never miss a day. He doesn’t beg his parents, but he swamps them with the deep insecurities of someone who doesn’t understand.

The girls of his own age are crazy about him, they fill him with notes, photographs, invitations and little presents. He doesn’t understand anything at all, but still he takes the presents and he’s happy about it; and then, he shares them with everyone, smiling, but without seeing anyone. When he dives himself into a book or into an image, even into a sunset, it seems like he’s flying inside it.

We are talking about a classic type of “boy with his head up in the air”, as known as “he’s smart but he doesn’t engage enough”. He only needs the freshness of the sea in August, and some cigarettes during the most boring hours.

Enea, on the other hand, he’s labeled as a crazy man by now, at least by most of the people who see him for the first time. Someone would call him “homeless”, but I think that the best definition for him is: someone who doesn’t need a roof. Tall and sturdy, he doesn’t seem like a sick dog at all: even his jaw is large and it’s easy to understand that his poor rags hide a colossus. He has never stopped walking and he sings the Bob Dylan’s pieces under his mustaches, always thinking about the same person.

Apparently, they couldn’t have any connection,  in fact they’ve never seen each other, but they’re about to be, both of them, face to face, in the moment that will change their life.

Lorenzo is at the beach with some friends, or presumptive ones. Actually, he’s lied, with his eyes closed listening to “Io vorrei… non vorrei…ma se vuoi”, and he’s basically by himself, a part from that crab, Mara, who is going to lie next to him. Lorenzo will push her aside, annoyed, he will lie to her, telling that he’s thirsty and he’s going to take something to drink. He will stand up, pretending to go towards the dispenser. Enea will be waliking, and he will see Lorenzo going near the dispenser. Enea appeals to the other’s goodness for living. He doesn’t ask for money, he has never believed in the Christianity idea of charity; he doesn’t drink or take drugs, and neither he uses money. He often has to take a little step towards the humanity, he has to make someone notice that he needs something.

He’s been like this for 24 years, and, even today, Enea managed to eat and drink.

The amazing story of Lorenzo and Enea will start exactly when they will meet each other in front of that dispenser, that they will never use. Lorenzo will start asking him questions, curious about that strange man, and he will promise him a can, as he did many other times. In part, because he doesn’t want to come back to that little girl who is waiting for him at the beach, in part because every word which will come out from Enea’s mouth, him something extremely true for him. So, they will spend the night talking, they will meet every day, in mysterious and fateful ways, and finally they will leave together, after less than a month since that first time they saw each other. They will spend their life together, until Enea will die and Lorenzo will be able to enjoy the social annuity.

How does an adventure start? In mysterious and fateful ways, all we have to do is hang our anxieties to the coat hook before going to sleep, and always forget them before leaving.